Annette Hyche Studio A Salon Owner, Master Esthtetician
Annette Hyche

Master Esthetician, Makeup and Spray Tan Artist

Getting into the Business:
My journey into the beauty business began with my love of photography,art,fashion and design. I tend to be what I call "visually ocd". My dream was to be a photographer,an artist,or a fashion designer because of my passion for beauty, art and all things visual. To capture beauty,freeze it and admire it. I somehow ended up on the other side of the lens always finding a little something to "fine tune". My dream it seems was Studio A. 

Creative Influences:
  • My Father
  • My Mother

Two of the most beautiful,artistically gifted, God fearing angels on earth. I am blessed to have inherited a thimbleful of their:

  • Faith
  • Work Ethic
  • Passion
  • Talent
  • Vision
  • Skill
  • Faith

 Most Important Tools:
  • My love of beauty in everything around me
  • My sometimes annoying visual ocd
  • My hands, The gift I thought I never had.

Five things I can't live without:
  • My mag lamp
  • Hard Wax
  • Moroccanoil
  • Julie Hewett #2 Ora Powder
  • Clayton Shagal Gels