Lee Shipp, Master Stylist and Brazilian Blowout Certified
Lee Shipp

Master Stylist, Brazilian Blowout Certified

Getting into the Business:
I started my career in 1989 at the Deborah Stone Day Spa. In the beginning I was very fortunate to be trained by several extremely talented and renowned stylist. During that time I spent 10 years perfecting my craft with Deborah before opening several of my own salons in Cahaba Heights. Fifteen years later I find myself working again with Deborah whom I attribute my dedicated work ethic and vast knowledge of the Hair and Spa Industry. This time around we have collaborated, along with her daughter, a new business which is the Pantry by Stonehollow Farmstead. With that doing well, I have decided to return to my roots in the beauty industry. I have worked with Annette, at Studio A previously and I'm excited to be here again doing what I love.